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Dive Deeper into Your Story and God's with Your Community

What is the purpose of this small group journey?  To put it simply, it is for your life to be transformed by the ongoing redemption of your story.  For you to learn how to use your story as a tool for evangelism and discipleship.  And as a result, see other lives transformed as their stories intersect yours.

This 12 lesson study is for groups of 4 or more.  Unlike any other study you've done before, this is an interactive experience using multi-media designed to engage all learning styles, involving written lessons and homework, teaching videos, music, various hands-on group activities, discussion topics, and more!  Though this is different from a Bible study which unpacks specific books of the Bible, scripture is central to this study because we cannot know the truth without it.  In addition to examining pieces of God's Story through His Word, we will also examine our own stories through intentional exercises to help you learn, love, and live your true story. 


Each week includes a 1.5 hr. in-person group lesson and activity, followed by 5-days of individual homework which, on average, take about 20-30 minutes per day to complete.


Topics covered in this study are:

  1. God's Story                           7. Forgiveness

  2. Hearing God's Voice            8. Shame

  3. Your Own Story                     9. Value, Identity and Restoring Your Soul

  4. Honor                                   10. Grace and Gratitude

  5. Lies                                       11. The Big Picture - From Pain to Purpose

  6. Truth                                     12. Story in Evangelism and Discipleship

Each small group needs a designated facilitator.  Once the Starter Pack (see below) is purchased by the facilitator she will receive exclusive access to our online facilitator resources that will walk her through all that's needed for a transformative group experience.  These resources include: detailed instructions for the facilitator about how to prepare and use all the supplies in the pack, options for group activities, what to expect each week in the lessons, teaching videos library, and suggested additional supplies.  We are also available for support if you have questions.

Preview The Study

Intro Pages

See the first few pages of the study including Table of Contents, Bios, and Introduction

Lesson Sample

Excerpts from Lesson 8: SHAME    pg. 55-56

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Lesson Sample

Excerpts from Lesson 11: THE BIG PICTURE - FROM PAIN TO PURPOSE  pg. 83-84

Homework Sample

Excerpts from Lesson 7: FORGIVENESS    pg. 48-50

Homework Sample

pg. 70-72